Sherwood, Edgar Harmon



Pianist and composer; born in Lyons, New York, where his father was a prominent lawyer, and where he was educated for the career of a physician. He very early showed a taste for music, and was mostly selftaught. Sherwood enlisted and served in the Union Army from 1862 to 1865, and at the close of the war decided to devote himself wholly to music. He taught and wrote in various cities, among them Dansyille, N. Y., Chicago, New York City, and finally settled in Rochester, N. Y., as pianist and teacher. In 1895 he was appointed national musical director of the Union Veterans' Union, and has held other positions of importance. He is an uncle of William Hall Sherwood, the well-known pianist and teacher. Mr. Sherwood has composed over one hundred works for voice and piano, the best known of which are a descriptive fantasia, The Nun and the Fountain; a grand minuet; The Dreamer, a march-elegy on Gqttschalk; Souvenir de Montmorenci; a grand concert duet, L'heureux retour; and other piano-pieces; also songs and part-songs. Many of his pianopieces are used by musicians for concert and teaching purposes.