Shedlock, John South



English teacher, pianist and musical critic; born in Reading. He was graduated in 1864 from the London University with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, then studied piano with E. Lubeck and composition with Edward Lalo in Paris. Shedlock was a teacher in London until 1879, when he became musical critic and lecturer on music at the Royal Academy of in the Musical Times of London, and a series of papers on Raff's symphonies were published in the   Monthly Musical Record. Shedlock is known chiefly to musicians by his translation into English of Riemann's Lexicon, and by his editing of Kuhnau's biblical sonatas in 1895, which he played at the Royal Academy of Music the following year to illustrate lectures by E. F. Jacques. He wrote an account of a copy of Cramer's Studies with notes by Beethoven, which he discovered in Berlin in 1893, and also wrote a work, entitled The Pianoforte Sonata, Its Origin and Development. Although gifted in many ways, Mr. Shedlock has devoted himself chiefly to musical literature, and for many years has been a busy worker, editing, translating and compiling works of value to musicians, and composing occasionally. He has to his credit, a string quartet; a romance and a scherzino for piano.