Seydelmann, Franz



German composer; born in Dresden; the son and pupil of a player in the Court Orchestra, which he joined as a youth. Franz studied in Italy from 1765 to 1770 at the Elector's expense, being a pupil of Schuster and Naumann, and in 1772 both he and his father were appointed composers of church-music to the Elector, later both were conductors of the Court church choir, were   cembalists at the Italian Opera and in 1787 both were advanced to the rank of chapelmaster. Franz Seydelmann composed seven Italian operas; a requiem; forty psalms; thirty-seven offertories; cantatas; vocal duets and many songs; all of which are in manuscript at Dresden. His published works are the opera, Die schone Arsene; numbers from, other operas; piano sonatas; flute sonatas and three violin sonatas. He was a most industrious composer.