Schuster, Joseph



Prominent and prolific German composer; born at Dresden; the son of a musician, and was instructed by his father and Schürer. He spent four years in Italy, then returned to Dresden, becoming Court and chamber composer in 1 72. While in Italy he studied for two years with Padre Martini at Bologna, and in that city produced many operas in the Italian style. He was also appointed master of music to the King of Naples, then went to Dresden, returning to Italy in 1778. He remained there till 1781, then went back to his native town, and became conductor at the church and the Dresden Theatre alternately with Naumann, Schürer and Seydelmann, and from 1787 was associated with the latter as Court chapelmaster. He died in Dresden. Schuster composed twenty-four operas, of which twenty were written in the Italian style and four in German. Some of them attained much popularity in their day. He also wrote cantatas; oratorios; a mass; divertimenti; symphonies; and concerto for two pianos, the last being in manuscript.