Schulhoff, Julius



Piano virtuoso and composer of some delightful pieces for that instrument; born at Prague in 1825, and received his early education there, studying theory and counterpoint with Tomaschek, and niano under Kisch and Tedesco in 1842. After appearing at a Gewandhaus concert in Leipsic and at concerts in Dresden and Weimar he went to Paris, where he was so fortunate as to enjoy the patronage of Chopin. His first public appearance occurred in 1845, and about the same time he published his first two compositions, one of them being the Allegro Brilliant, dedicated to Chopin. From 1849 to 1853 he traveled in Austria, Russia, France, Spain and England, then settled in Paris, where he was very successful as a teacher. In 1870 he removed to Dresden. He died in Berlin the following year. His compositions for piano are excellent and include a grand sonata in D minor; caprices; waltzes; mazurkas; twelve etudes; impromptus and much chamber-music.