Schuberth, Carl



Violoncello virtuoso; brother to Ludwig Schuberth. Was born at Magdeburg. His father taught him piano and he studied the violoncello under Hesse from 1819 to 1825, when he went to Dotzauer in Dresden for two years' instruction on that instrument. In 1828 he made his first concert tour, going to Hamburg and Ludwigslust, and the next year he went to Gothenburg and Copenhagen. After serving until 1833 as first violoncellist in the Magdeburg Stadttheatre, he made long tours through North Germany, Holland and Belgium and went to Paris and London from 1833 to 1835. In 1835 he obtained the position of solo-violoncellist to the Czar of Russia, going to St. Petersburg, where for twenty years he was conductor of the Court Orchestra, music-director at the University and inspector of the Imperial Dramatic College. He died at Zurich. His works include four quartets for strings; three quintets, and an octet; a sonata for violoncello; two concertos for violoncello and orchestra; variations, fantasias, and other compositions for cello and orchestra.