Schubert, Joseph



Prolific composer of instrumental music; born at Warnsdorf, Bohemia, where his father was cantor. He studied the harpsichord at Prague under Abbe Fischer, and in 1778 went to Berlin to study with Kohn. The following year he received the appointment as chamber-musician to the Margrave of Schwedt, whose service he exchanged in 1788 for that of the Elector of Saxony, and was later violinist in the Dresden Court orchestra. Schubert composed several  operas, also instrumental music, including suites; concertos; piano-music and songs, most of which were published at Dresden, and bear the dates 1780 to 1803. He also wrote a number of masses. His best known operas are Rosalia, Der Gasthauf zu Genua and Die Entzauberung.