Schubert, Ferdinand



One of the elder brothers of Franz Peter Schubert; born in Vienna and studied, like his brother, with his father and the musician, Holzer. Later he entered the Normal School of St. Anne in Vienna, remaining there two years. For a time he was assistant to his father in the school managed by the latter at Lichtenthal, then was a teacher at various institutions in Vienna. In 1824 he was nominated head teacher of the Normal School of St. Anne and held this post until 1854, when he was appointed director. He retained this position until his death, five years later. Ferdinand Schubert had a long and useful life and his love for and devotion to his brother are often referred to by the latter's biographers. He was with Franz when he died, and to him the last words of the great song-writer were addressed. Ferdinand Schubert composed more than forty works, including much churchmusic; march and trio and cadences for piano. He added the oboe, clarinet and bassoon accompaniment to his brother's famous mass in G.