Schonberger, Benno



Pianist and composer; born at Vienna, where he studied counterpoint of Bruckner, composition of Volkmann, and piano of Anton Door at the Conservatory until 1874, when he joined the Hellmesberger Quartet and began to give recitals. After further study with Liszt and Anton Door he went on a concert tour through Austria, Belgium, Germany and Russia in 1878, and the following year played in Dresden, Frankfort and Leipsic. In 1880 he gave concerts in Berlin, then taught in Vienna until 1885, going to Sweden in 1886 and to London. He made a concert tour of America during 1894. He has written three rhapsodies; three sonatas; Phantasiestücke; Polonaise; waltz in A flat; Bolero; Novelletten and two silhouettes; all for piano, besides forty songs.