Schneider, Johann Gottlob



Celebrated German organist; brother of Friedrich Schneider; was born at Altgersdorf, Saxony. When only five years old he began to play violin, piano and organ, and even some windinstruments. He studied organ under Unger at Zittau, and in 1810 entered Leipsic University as a law student. In 1811 he succeeded his brother as organist at the University Church, and was singing-teacher at the Rathsfriedschule. In 1812 he became organist of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Gorlitz; founded a singing society there, and gave organ concerts at Dresden, Leipsic and other nearby cities. In 1825 he played at the Elbe Musical Festival at Magdeburg with such distinguished success as to receive the appointment of Court organist to the King of Saxony, a position which he held until his death in Dresden. He became musical director of the Dreyssig Singakademie in 1830, and in 1833 was heard in London. He was a wonderful teacher, and as an organ virtuoso was considered of the first rank. As a composer he left very little, only some fugues, preludes, and fantasias for organ, and a few songs.