Schimon, Anna Regan



Bohemian singer; exceedingly popular in her day; who was born at Aich, near Carlsbad. Studied first with Mme. Schubert, then became a pupil of Mme. Sabatier-Ungher, the great contralto singer, whom she accompanied to Florence, remaining there till 1864. Anna Regan made her debut at Sienna; appeared with success in other cities of Italy, in Hanover and St. Petersburg, and visited London in 1869 and Vienna in 1870. In 1872 she married the wellknown composer and teacher, Adolf Schimon, and made with him many tours, chiefly in England. She was chamber-singer to the Grand Duchess Helena in St. Petersburg, where she sang in three of the seven concerts given by Berlioz, and was a favorite vocalist at the Gewandhaus concerts in Leipsic. After her husband's death Mme. Schimon went to Munich and became a teacher there.