Sauer, Emil



Eminent pianist of wonderful technique, often called the bravura pianist. He was born at Hamburg and there received his first musical instruction from his mother. Later he went to St. Petersburg and from 1876 to 1881 was a pupil of Nicholas Rubinstein. From 1884 to 1885 he was a pupil of Liszt at Weimar. He then went to Berlin, where his appearance was attended with great success. Sauer made tours through Germany, Roumania, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy and England. He is regarded as an excellent player and a splendid teacher. He taught for several years in the Dresden Conservatory. Sauer made his first American appearance in 1899, playing at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Since then he has been heard in this country frequently. He has gained his success by hard work, and in his execution displays great control and excellent taste. He has been decorated by the King of Italy, and received honors at the hands of the King of Spain, and the rulers of Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria and Bavaria. Sauer has written a suite moderne; concert etude; valse de concert and other compositions for the piano.