Satter, Gustav



Austrian pianist and composer; born in Vienna; studied in that city and in Pans, where he had been sent by his parents to enter a medical school. His interest in music led him to forsake his studies in medicine. At an early age he developed into a composer and virtuoso. He made concert tours in the United States and Europe and became an operatic conductor at Hanover. After studying further in Vienna he went to the United States and Brazil, about 1854, and received instant recognition in both North and South America as a concert player. Returning to Europe in 1862 Satter was highly, praised by Berlioz. After many concert tours in Europe he took up his abode in Vienna, going later to Hanover, Dresden and Stockholm. Satter wrote a symphony for orchestra, entitled Washington; the overtures, Lorely and Julius Caesar; an opera, lolanthe; scherzo; quartets; trios; impromptus; sonatas and fantasias for piano.