Sandberger, Adolf



German composer, writer and lecturer, who was born at Wurzburg; the son of a professor of geology there. From 1881 to 1887 he studied composition at the Würzburg Royal School of Music, also musical science at the University of Wurzburg, and he later studied at Munich and with Spitta at Berlin. He received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. In 1889 he was appointed provisional custodian, and in 1892 regular custodian of the musical department of the Munich Library and from 1893 was a lecturer at the Munich University. In 1898 he became professor of music at Prague University. His compositions include a three-act opera, Ludwig der Springer, successfully produced at Coburg in 1895; an overture; chorus with orchestra;  choruses for mixed voices; songs; and a violin sonata. He is the author of a number of musical works, has written biographical essays and contributed to many periodicals, and is preparing a complete edition of Orlando Lasso's works.