Salomon, Johann Peter



German violinist, conductor and composer, who was born at Bonn. Salomon was intended for the law, but gave up his studies to become a musician, and all his life he was more or less identified with the most prominent musicians of his time. When he was only thirteen Salomon was violinist in the Court band of the Elector of Bonn, and in 1765 he became leader of the band of Prince Henry of Prussia at Rheinsberg. He traveled as a violinist in Germany and France and later at London, giving recitals. He was heard at Paris in 1781, where he organized a series of concerts which he gave until 1790. Afterward he gave other concerts, and in 1801 engaged the Haymarket Theatre with Arnold for oratorio performances. Salomon also aided in the establishment of the Philharmonic Society, the first concert of which he conducted in 1813. He died in London and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Salomon composed an opera, Windsor Castle; a masque, The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis; an oratorio, Hiskias; and other works. His most successful vocal composition was a grand chorus, which was performed in 1789.