Rosé, Arnold Josef



Violinist; born at Jassy, Roumania; began study at the age of seven, and three years later became a pupil of Haissler at the Vienna Conservatory. He made his first public appearance in 1881 at a Philharmonic concert, when he was favorably commented upon by prominent Viennese critics. On this t occasion he played Goldmark's violin concerto. This led to his appointment as leader and solo violinist in the Court Orchestra of Vienna about the same time, and the next year he organized the quartet which is known by his name, of which he is the first violin and began tours over Austria, Italy, Roumania, Germany and other European countries, winning for the organization a place in the first rank of string quartets. For two years he played in the orchestra at Bayreuth, and was for some years after 1888 leader of the orchestra at the Bayreuth Festivals.