Ronconi, Giorgio



Famous Italian barytone; eldest son of Domenico; was born at Milan; studied under his father, and after his debut at Payia, 1831, sang in various Italian cities with much success. He was then engaged several years in Paris, Vienna and Madrid, where he was theatre manager up to 1847. From 1847 to 1866 he was engaged almost constantly at London, and in 1863 founded a music school in Spain. He came to America in 1867, where he lived as a teacher in NewYork, and published some compositions for voice. He returned to Europe in 1874 and became professor of singing at the Conservatory of Madrid. He is said to have possessed great dramatic ability and dignity of bearing, which won him success despite the disadvantages of an inferior voice and a very ordinary appearance. He created the part of Rigoletto, and a number of others in prominent operas.