Roeder, Georg Vincent



German church composer and conductor; born at Rammungen, Franconia.  We first hear of him as organist of the Augustine monastery at Wannerstüdt, where he studied. later becoming a pupil in composition at the University of Wurzburg of Kurzinger. Soon after the organization of the Electoral Court Orchestra in 1805 he was appointed opera director and chapelmaster, and in 1830 musical director at Augsburg. In 1839 he became chapelmaster at the Royal court in Munich. He published much church-music, including masses, psalms, motets, a Te Deum, etc.; an oratorio, La Messiade, and a cantata, Cacilia; also one opera, Die Schweden. He died at Allotting, Bavaria, whither he had gone in the capacity of chapel music-director about 1845.