Ries, Hubert



Brother of Ferdinand; a conductor and teacher, but is remembered now by his educational works for the violin. He was born at Bonn; studied the violin under his father, Franz Anton Ries, and afterward under Spohr; also composition under Hauptmann. In 1824 he became a member of the orchestra at the King's Theatre in Berlin, and the next year was connected with the Royal Opera. After an extended visit to Vienna he returned to Berlin, and with Bohmer, Maurer, and Just established a series of quartet concerts. From 1835 to 1871 he directed the Philharmonic Academy of Arts. In 1851 he became leader of the Royal Orchestra, and in 1839 was made a member of the Royal Academy of Arts. In 1851 he became the principal teacher at the school for instrumental music maintained in connection with the Royal Theatre. He was highly esteemed as a teacher, and taught numerous private pupils in addition to his work in the school. His didactic works for violin are much used and are considered models of excellence. His Violin Method was published in two editions and also translated into English. He also wrote a number of studies, duets, quartets, and two concertos for the instrument.