Riedel, Carl



German choral conductor and musical editor; born at Kronenberg. Started in business as a silk-dyer, but at the age of twenty-one gave this up, and began study for the musical profession, first under Carl Wilhelm, Krefeld, and later, in 1849, at the Leipsic Conservatory. He organized in 1854 a singing society known by his   name, for the performance of ancient church music, which grew out of a male quartet into a large and celebrated mixed chorus. In 1868, he became president of the Universal German Musical Society; he also held the same office in the Wagner Society, and was instrumental in founding other musical unions. He received the title of professor from the Duke of Altenburg, in 1868; in 1883 the honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy, from the University of Leipsic, and the next year the title of Ducal Saxon professor. He published only a few songs and choruses, but was most active as an able editor of old German works by Franck, Eccard, Praetorious, Schutz, etc. His work in combining the four Passions by the last named composer into one has been commended as especially ingenious.