Reubke, Julius



German pianist and composer of talent; the eldest son of Adolf; born at Hausneindorf; was a pupil of Kullak in piano and of Marx in composition at Berlin and later of Liszt. A few compositions by him were published after his death and show much talent. They include a sonata for piano, dedicated to Liszt; one for organ, entitled the 94th Psalm; and also songs, and piano-pieces. Emil, the second son of Adolf, born at Hausneindorf, in 1836, learned his father's business, and in 1860 became a member of the firm. After 1872 he carried it on alone. He introduced many improvements in the mechanism of the organ, notably the pneumatic tubes. He died in 1885. Otto, born in 1842, was a performer on both organ and piano; studied under Marx 1 and von Bülow, and became the conductor at Halle, where, since 1892, he has been also musical director at the University.