Rendano, Alfonso



Italian pianist; born at Carolei, near Cosenza; was a pupil of Thalberg and of the Naples Conservatory, and for a time of the Leipsic Conservatory. He made successful appearances at the Gewandhaus concerts in 1872, and the same year at the Musical Union in London; also in 1873 at a Philharmonic concert. After spending some time in England he returned to Italy via Paris, where he gave a concert, also with marked success. In his own country he ranks high as a pianist, and has won commendations from the colder English and Germans, especially for his interpretation of Bach. The chief characteristics of his playing are grace, refinement and delicacy of touch. Ehrlich speaks well of his compositions for piano, which are largely of the salon type, including waltzes, marches, gavottes, and sonatinas.