Rauzzini, Venanzio



Famous Italian tenor and composer; born at Rome; studied under a singer in the Pontifical Chapel, and made his debut in 1765; in 1767 sang first in Vienna, and soon afterward in Munich, where four of his operas were produced. In 1774 he removed to London, where he sang in opera and in concert, and became the most fashionable vocal-teacher of his day. Here he brought out four more operas, and in 1787 went to Bath, where he continued to teach, gave concerts, and entertained Haydn for several days. He died at Bath.


His brother, Matteo, was born at Rome, 1754, and made his debut in Munich, bringing out a comic opera, Le finte gemelle, in 1772, having joined his brother there two years earlier. He went with him to England, but soon left for Dublin, where he taught singing till his death, in 1791. He produced in Dublin, 1784, the opera II Re pastore.