Rappoldi, Eduard



Noted Austrian violinist and composer; born at Vienna, and began his music study very early under Doleschall. In his seventh year he appeared publicly as a violinist, pianist and composer. Studied under Jansa, later under Hellmesberger at the Vienna Conservatory, and under Bohm. He also studied composition at the Conservatory under Sechter and Hiller. He played in the Opera orchestra at Vienna from 1854 to 1861. From 1861 to 1866 he was leader of the German Opera at Rotterdam, and was conductor successively at Lübeck, Stettin and Prague. From 1870 he was teacher at the Royal School of Music, Berlin, where he was a colleague of Joachim and a member of his quartet. In 1876 he was made a Royal professor. In 1877 he became orchestral conductor of the Dresden Opera, and later became the headship of the violin department in the Dresden Conservatory. In 1874 he married Laura Kahrer. He has composed a number of symphonies, sonatas, instrumental quartets and solos, and songs.