Queisser, Carl Traugott



Renowned as a trombone-player. Born at Doben, near Leipsic. His musical talent early asserted itself and, while still young, he learned to play the usual orchestra instruments. At seventeen years of age he obtained a position to play the violin and trombone in the town orchestra. In 1830 he became principal tromboneplayer in the Gewandhaus Orchestra, Leipsic. For many years he belonged to Matthais' quartet, in which he played the viola. He also played that instrument in the Gewandhaus during his later years. He was one of the founders of the Leipsic Euterpe, and for some time was leader of its orchestra. Though he was well known throughout Germany, there is no record of his ever leaving his country. He far surpassed any tromboneplayer of his time, and many works were composed especially for him by such authors as C. G. Muller, F. David, Meyer and Kummer.