Pollini, Francesco Giuseppe



Italian pianist and composer; born at Laibach, in Illyria. Took piano lessons from Mozart in Vienna, and in 1793 went to Milan, where he studied under Zingarelli. Was made professor of piano at the Milan Conservat9ry in 1809. In 1820 he published thirty-two Esercizi in forma di toccata, dedicated to Meyerbeer, in which the first use of three staves was made, thus enabling the melody to be sustained in the middle region of the instrument, while each hand plays elaborate passages above and eneath it, producing nearly the same effect as four hands. This method was later employed by Liszt and Thalberg. Bellini dedicated his La Sonnambula to Pollini. Pollini was a fine executant and held in great esteem by the musicians of his time. He wrote a method for piano, as well as sonatas; caprices; variations; toccatas; fantasias; rondos; a Stabat Mater; a cantata; and stage pieces.