Poisot, Charles Emile



A French pianist, composer, and writer; born at Dijon. He studied the piano under Senart, Adam, Stamaty, and Thalberg; counterpoint from Leborne, and composition at the Conservatory under Halevy from 1844 to 1848. He returned to Dijon and founded the Conservatory, where he has been the director since 1868. A few years later he established a sacred and classical musical society at Dijon, and he is also one of the promoters of the Society of Composers at Paris. He has written an Essai sur les Musiciens Bourguignons, and Histoire de la Musique en France, and many articles for the numerous musical periodicals with which he has been connected; also biographical notices of several great musicians, as well as treatises on harmony and counterpoint. Among his compositions are the operas, Le Paysan; Le Prince de Galles; Les Spendlers; Francesco, and several parlor operas; the cantata, Jeanne d'Arc; motets; a Stabat Mater; a requiem; and other church-music; piano and string duets and trio; fantasies; a scherzo; and Exercises de Mecanisme, for the piano.