Pirani, Eugenio



Italian pianist and composer; born at Bologna and studied at the Liceo Musicale at Bologna; took lessons in composition from Kiel, and in piano from Kullak, in whose school he taught piano from 1870 to 1880. He toured Germany, France, Italy and Russia, visited England several times, and on retiring from Kullak's Academy went to live at Heidelberg; but in 1895 he returned to Berlin. He is a contributor to numerous German and Italian periodicals, was chairman of the committee from Germany at the Exposition of Music at Bologna in 1888, is a member of the Philharmonic Societies of Florence, Bologna and Rome, and of a number of orders. His compositions include an orchestral suite, In a Heidelberg Castle; Venetian Scenes, for piano and orchestra; an orchestral ballad; songs and duets; and much piano-music.