Pinsuti, Ciro



An Italian composer and singingteacher; born at Sinalunga. When ten years old he appeared in public as a pianist, and the next year was made an honorary member of the Accademia Filarmonica at Rome. Mr. Henry Drummond took him to London, where he studied the piano under Cipriani Potter and the violin under Balgrove. In 1845 he returned to Italy, entered the Bologna Conservatory, and studied privately under Rossini. In 1848 he returned to England and taught singing in London. In 1856 he was appointed professor in the Royal Academy of Music. He trained many voices and assisted by his advice, such artists % as Bosio, Graziani, Grisi, Maro, Patti and Ronconi. He represented Italy in the Exhibition at London in 1871, for which he wrote a hymn, O People of this Favored Land, to Lord Houghton's words, and in 1878 was made Cavaliere of the Order of the Italian Crown. He was a member of the orders of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus. He died at Florence. His compositions include the operas, II Mercante di Venezia, Mattia Corvino and Margherjta; a Te Deum, celebrating the acquisition of Tuscany by the Italian crown; nearly two hundred and fifty English and Italian songs, notably, I love my love; I fear no foe; The Outposts; Swallow; and Fly forth, O gentle dove.