Pierne, Henri Constant Gabriel



French pianist and composer; born at Metz. In 1871 he entered the Paris Conservatory, where he studied under Marmontel, Franck and Massenet, and received the prize for solfege in 1879 and those for piano, counterpoint and fugue and organ in 1879,1881 and 1882, respectively. Was awarded the Grand Prize of Rome in 1882. He took Franck's place at the organ at SainteClotilde in 1890. He is known as a composer of light operas and incidental music. In 1894 he wrote incidental music for Izeil. In 1895 his lyric episode, Nuit de Noel, and Salome, La Princesse Lointaine, and La Coupe Enchantee, also appeared. In 1897 he wrote La Samaritaine, and Vendee. La Fille de Tabarin appeared in 1901. He is the author of Pandora, and of the oratorio, The Children's Crusade. His instrumental works include a scherzo-caprice; a fantaisie ballet; a concerto for piano and orchestra; and other music for the piano.