Philips, Peter


English contrapuntist; born about 1560; known also as Petrus Philppus and Pietro Filippo. In 1591 he published, at Antwerp, Melodia Olympica di Diversi Eccellentissum Musici. Three books of madrigals followed. He was organist in the vice-regal chapel of Archduke Albert, Governor of the Low Countries. His Canones Sacrae, for five voices, was printed in 1612, and the next year a like book for eight voices, as well as Gemmulae Sacrae, for two and three voices. Among his later works are Litanies, and the Paradisus Sacris Cantionibus. Burney gives him the credit of m writing the first regular fugue, which is contained in Queen Elizabeth's Virginal Book in the Fitzwillian Library at Cambridge, England.