Philipp, Isidor Edmond



Pianist and teacher; born at Budapest, but a naturalized citizen of France. He was a pupil of Mathias at the Paris Conservatory; won first prize for piano in 1883, and later had instruction from Heller, Ritter and Saint-Saens. He played in the Lamoureux and Colonne concerts as well as at the Conservatory. In 1890, with the aid of Berthelier and Loeb, he founded a Chamber-music Society in Paris and in 1896 he revived the Wind-instrument Society. He became president of the Societe d'Art, and since 1893 has been teaching at the Conservatory. His reputation as a pianist is also   high and his works include Practising Exercises; Daily Exercises; a book of selections from the works of Bach and Handel to those of himself and his contemporaries; fitudes d'Octaves; and a vast number of other educational studies for developing technique and accentuation; also arrangements from Chopin and other masters.