Pfeiffer, Georges Jean



French pianist and composer; born at Versailles. His father's family were piano-makers and his mother had studied under Kalkbrenner and Chopin. She taught him the piano, and he studied harmony and composition under Maleden and Damcke. In 1862 he made his debut with great success at the concerts of the Paris Conservatory and later visited London. He is one of the directors of the Pleyel- Wolff Piano concern and vice-president of the French Society of Composers. He has written a symphony; a symphonic poem, Jeanne d'Arc; and an overture to Le Cid; three concertos; trios; a quintet; sonatas; mazurkas; melodies; etudes; etc.; also an oratorio, Agar; an operetta, Captaine-Roche; and a comic-opera, L'Enclume.