Petrella, Errico



Italian operatic composer; born at Palermo. He studied from 1822 to 1830 under Costa, Bellini, Furnip, Ruggi and Singarelli, taking violin lessons from Guidice as well. His maiden opera, II diavolo color di rosa, written while he was still studying at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella, was played at the Conservatory, and he was soon second only to Verdi in the opinion of the Italians. Yet even before his death, which occurred at Genoa, his reputation had begun to decline. Of his operas, which number twenty or more, lone, and Giovanni II di Napoli are perhaps the best. Mention may also be made of Le Miniere di Freiberg; Le precauzione; Manfredo; Marco Viconti; Elnave, 1'Assedio di Leyda; his best serious opera; La contessa d'Amalfi; and Bianca Orsini, his last opera.