Peschka, Minna



Popular Austrian coloratura soprano; born at Vienna. She studied first under Proch, and made her debut at Breslau as Agatha in 1856. From 1857 to 1861 she sang at Dessau, and in the latter year married Dr. M. Peschka, and left the stage for two years. In 1863 she appeared in Vienna, and while there studied under Madame Bockholtz-Falconi. In 1865 she played at Darmstadt, and from 1868 to 1876, then at her prime, she was in Leipsic, singing in opera and concert with brilliant success. In 1872 she appeared at the Crystal Palace and at the London Philharmonic, and in the fall came to America for the Peace Jubilee at Boston. In 1881 she made her second visit to the United States. From the time of her retirement in 1887 until her death she made Wiesbaden her home. Her voice was full and flexible, and her compass wide, but she lost much of her charm before she retired. Her acting was excellent, and among her roles were Marguerite of Valois, Isabel, Almira in Handel's opera, and Eglantine in Euryanthe.