Persuis, Louis Luc Loiseau de



French conductor and composer; born at Metz. His father was a violinist and composer, and he taught his son. Louis' first appointment was violinist at the theatre in Metz. In 1787 he went to Paris and played at the Concerts Spirituels, becoming in 1790 first violin at the Theatre Montansier, and in 1793 at the Opera. From 1795 to 1802 he had violin classes at the Conservatory, and in the latter year became assistant conductor of Napoleon's band and conductor of the Court concerts. His position at the Opera was raised in 1804 to chef du chant, and in 1810 he succeeded Rey as conductor of the orchestra. From 1810 to 1815 he directed the orchestra at the Academic, and meantime, in 1814, he was appointed general inspector of the Opera and chapelmaster to Louis Xyill. His last position, and the one in which he made his name, was director of the Opera from 1817 till his death. Besides twenty operas, including La Nuit Espagnole, Phanor et Angola, Fanny Morna, Le Fruit Defendu, his masterpiece, Jerusalem delivree, and others in collaboration; Le Carnival de Venise, etc., he wrote many ballets; two cantatas, Chant de victor, to Napoleon, and Chant franc,ais; and a few sacred works in manuscript which are in the Conservatory library.