Penfield, Smith Newell



Well-known organist, teacher and composer. Born at Oberlin, Ohio. After graduating from the college there and studying music for a time under James Flint in New York, he went to Leipsic. There he took lessons in piano from Moscheles, Papperitz and Reinecke, organ from Richter, and theory and composition from Reinecke, Richter and Hauptmann. Then, after a period of study under Delioux at Paris, he returned to America and settled in Rochester, N. Y. From there he removed to Savannah, Georgia, where he founded the Mozart Society and established a conservatory, but in 1882 he made New York his home. He received the degree of Doctor of Music in 1883 from the New York University, organized the New York Harmony Society in 1885, and set up the Arion Conservatory in Brooklyn. He was once elected president of the Music Teachers' National Association and twice president of the Music Teachers' Association of New York state. He is a member of the Manuscript Society of New York, is organist of the Broadway Tabernacle; has given numerous recitals, written for the fitude and other musical papers, and has composed an overture for full orchestra; a string-quartet; organ, and piano-music; a cantata to the 18th Psalm; anthems; glees; and songs.