Pedrotti, Carlo



Italian composer of opera buffa; born at Verona. He studied under Domenico Foroni in his native city, and there in 1840 produced his first opera, Lina, with such success that he was immediately appointed conductor of the Italian Opera at Amsterdam, a position which he filled for five years. During this time he brought out two of his operas, Matilde, and La Figlia dell Arciere. Returning to Italy he remained in Verona until 1868, composing and directing theatres, and from there he moved to Turin, where he was conductor of the Teatro Regio, and in 1870 he brought out II favorito, one of  his best works. He was also appointed director of the Liceo Musicale. In 1882 he was chosen head of the new Liceo Rossini at Pesara, where he taught until a short time before his death. Then returning to the city of his birth he drowned himself in the Adige. Among his other operas are Clara del Mainland; Romeo di Monfort; Fiorina; II Parrucchiere della Reggenza; Tutti in Maschera, considered his best; Gelmina; Genoveffa del Brabante; La Guerra in quattro; Mazeppa; Marion Delorme; and his last opera, Olema la schiava. His music was bright and lively, but he did not keep abreast of the times and his music was soon neglected.