Pease, Alfred Humphries



American pianist and composer; born at Cleveland, Ohio. He received his education at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, and then went to Berlin, where for three years he studied the piano under Kullak, composition under Wüerst, and scoring from Wieprecht. He then made a short stay in the United States, but returned to Germany to study the piano for another three years under von Bülow, and on his return to America he was well received as a pianist in the principal cities and towns. Among his nearly one hundred songs are Blow, Bugle, Blow; Good Night; Stars of the Summer Night; Absence; May Bell; Memory's Refrain; Rock Me to Sleep, Mother; and the Song of Freedom. He also wrote piano-pieces, and the orchestral works, reverie and andante; andante and scherzo; romance; and a concerto, all of which were played by the Thomas Orchestra.