Pearce, Stephen Austen



Organist, pianist and composer; born at London. He studied music under Hopkins at Cambridge, and in 1859 took the degree of Bachelor of Music from New College, Oxford, and that of Doctor of Music in 1864. He visited the United States and Canada in 1864, and on his return was made the organist of two large London churches. In 1872 he came to the United States to live and was made professor of vocal music in Columbia College, New York. He has lectured on the theory of music in the General Theological Seminary, on the music of all nations at Peabody Institute, Baltimore, and on classical music at the Johns Hopkins University. In 1874 he was made musical editor of the New York Evening Post. From 1879 to 1885 he played the organ at the Fifth Avenue Collegiate Church, New York, then for three years at the Church of Zion, and afterwards at the Church of the Ascension. He has appeared at many recitals and has written a three-act opera for children, La belle Americaine; an oratorio, Celestial Visions; a cantata, The Psalm of Praise; an allegro agitato in D minor, played by the Thomas Orchestra; an overture in E minor; songs; sacred chorales; and piano and organ music. He is the author   of a Dictionary of Musical Terms in twenty-one languages.