Peace, Albert Lister



Well-known English organist; also pianist and composer. Born at Huddersfield. He early showed remarkable musical talent and before he was five years old he could name unfailingly any note he heard. At six he began to take piano lessons from Henry Horn, and later studied under Henry Parratt. When only nine years old he was appointed organist of the Holmfirth Parish Church. After holding positions in a number of churches, when twenty-one years old, he became organist at Trinity Congregational Church, Glasgow. He was given the organship of Glasgow University four years later, and of the Cathedral in 1879. He also appeared in concerts in all the large cities and towns in the kingdom with immense success. In 1890 he was placed on the Council of the Royal College of Organists, and in 1892 on the Examining Board of that society as well as of the Royal College of Music, London. Since 1897 he has held the prominent post of organist at St. George's Hall, Liverpool. Dr. Peace's repertory includes nearly all organ literature, a range made possible by the use of the extended pedal board. He has composed a setting to the 138th Psalm, which brought him the degree of Bachelor of Music of Oxford; a cantata, St. John the Baptist, written for the Doctor's degree in 1875; church services; anthems; organ music; and some orchestral works.