Paur, Emil



Violinist and musical conductor; a native of Czernowitz, Austria. His father first taught him and at eight years of age he appeared in public as a violinist and pianist. In 1866 he entered the Vienna Conservatory, where he studied the violin under Hellmesberger and composition under Dessoff, being graduated with first prizes. In 1870 he became first violin at the Imperial Opera House, but six years later left Vienna to become chapelmaster conductor of Cassel, then at Konigsberg and Hanover. In 1880 he went to Mannheim, where he directed the opera and conducted the Subscription concerts. From 1891 till 1893 he conducted the opera at Leipsic and then came to America. In 1893 he succeeded Nikisch as director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and in 1898 was made conductor of the New York Philharmonic Society in succession to Anton Seidl. At New York he organized an orchestra of his own, conducted at the Metropolitan Opera House for the season of 1899 and 1900, and became director of the National Conservatory 'in 1899. The next three years he spent abroad, appearing sometimes as a solo pianist, conducting German Opera at Covent Garden, London, in 1900, and concerts there, as well as at Berlin and Madrid. Returning to the United States  in 1904 he became director of the Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Paur has composed songs and chamber-music.