Paumann, Conrad



German organist and composer of organ-music; born blind at Nuremburg. His name is sometimes spelled Paulmann or Baumann. He was adopted, educated and maintained by the burgher, Ulrich Grundherr, and his son, and was highly esteemed as an organist throughout Europe. In 1467 he went as organist to Duke Albricht III. at Munich, where he remained until his death. His Fundamentum Organisandi, dated 1452, containing exercises for beginners, and compositions, some of them written by other composers, is the oldest extant book of organ-music. In 1867 it was published in the second edition of Chrysander's Jahrbucher. The manuscript was obtained by the library at Wernigerode in 1858. A few of his organpieces are found in an organ book in the Munich Royal Library. To him has been attributed the invention of the lute tablature.