Paul, Oscar



German teacher and writer on musical subjects; born at Freiwaldau, Silesia. His father was a priest, and he himself studied theology at the Leipsic University, where he was graduated in 1860, having previously attended the Gprlitz Gymnasium, where he received his first musical training. After studying at the Leipsic Conservatory and privately under Plaidy in piano, and Richter and Hauptmann in theory, he spent several years in other cities, principally Cologne. In 1866 he returned to Leipsic, where he spent the rest of his life. That year because   f his treatise, Die absolute Harmonik der Griechen, he was appointed lecturer at the University, and in 1872 Professor Extraordinarius. Meanwhile, in 1869, he had been made teacher of musical history at the Conservatory, and in 1872 his translation of Boetius* De Musica came out. His Lehrbuch der Harmonik, was published in 1880, and translated in New York in 1885. He also wrote Geschichte des Claviers; and Handbook der Tonkunst; edited the Tonhalle for the year 1869, and Musikalisches Wochenblatt for three months in 1870; contributed to the Musikaliches Conversation-Lexikon ; and was critic on the Leipziger Tagblatt.