Parker, Louis Napoleon



English dramatist and composer; born in Calvadoz, France. He was educated in France and at Freiburg, also in Italy, and entered the Royal Academy of Music at London in 1870. There he studied under Banister, William Sterndale Bennett, Cusins, Steggall, Harold Thomas and Walworth, and on being graduated in 1874 was elected associate, and in 1898 became fellow of that institution. From 1877 to 1892 he was director of music at King's School, Sherbourne. He then removed to London, where he is now devoting his time to writing dramas. His musical compositions include the cantatas, Silvia, The Wreck of the Hesperus, Young Tamerlane, and the 23d Psalm as a motet; overtures still in manuscript; songs and part-songs; and piano and violin music. He has also written for musical papers, Wagner being his particular theme. In 1905 he had charge of the Sherbourne Pageant and in 1906 of the Warwick Pageant. He was on the United Wagner Society Committee and represented England in the Revue Wagnerienne in 1885.