Panofka, Heinrich



German violinist and composer, better known as a singing-teacher in London. He was born at Breslau, and studied according to his father's wish. He himself was eager to complete his musical education, begun under his sister, a violinist, and the cantors, Strauch and Foerster, and at last his father acquiesced. He went to Vienna in 1824 and studied violin under Mayseder, and composition with Hauptmann, making his concert debut in 1827. In 1834 he went to Paris, where he played at the concerts of the Conservatory, and studied singing and music-teaching with Bordogni, with whom he founded an Academic de Chant, which failed. From 1844 to 1852 London was his home, and there he became celebrated as a singing-teacher. During Jenny Lind's engagement at Her Majesty's Theatre in 1847 he was assistant conductor. From London he returned to Paris, but in 1866 he moved on to Florence, where he spent the rest of his life. The Practical Singing Tutor; L'art de chanter; Abecedaire vocal; twenty-four vocalises progressives; Erholung und Studium; twelve vocalises d'artiste; eighty-six nouveaux exercises; twelve vocalises pour contralto; and twelve Vokalisen fur Bass are his most important works. He also wrote music for the violin, with piano and orchestral accompaniment, and translated into German Baillot's book on violin.