Pacchierotti, Gasparo



Italian soprano singer; one of the most noted of the Eighteenth Century. He was born at Fabriano, not far from Ancona, and was trained in the choir of the Cathedral in Forli and at St. Mark's in Venice. After thorough training he took to operasinging, making his debut at the San Benedetto Theatre, Venice, about 1770. From there he went to Palermo, Naples, and many other Italian cities, creating a reputation which soon spread to England. In 1778 he made his London debut, with great success. He again visited England in 1782 and 1783; sang in Paris, and in 1790 was back in London. His last years were spent in retirement at Padua. His singing is described as intellectual and full of emotion. He not only made his hearers forget his plain and awkward appearance but frequently moved them to tears. He was gifted with a wonderful ability to improvise, as well as a keen perception of the intentions  of the composers, which rendered him remarkable in interpretation.