Oury, Antonio James



English violinist and teacher; born in London. His father was an Italian of fine family, who taught dancing and music. Antonio played the violin at three years of age; later took lessons from Kiesewetter, an accomplished German violinist, and in 1820 went to study under Baillot, Kreutzer and Lafont at Paris. Returning to London in 1828 he made his first appearance at a benefit for his first master's widow and children. Soon afterward he made a great success at a Philharmonic concert, and played later at others given by that society. He was leader of the ballet at King's Theatre. In 1831 he married Mile. Belleville, the noted pianist, and together they spent nine years touring Austria, France, Germany and Russia. In speaking of Oury's playing, Haweis in his Musical Memoirs says, " I can liken those astonishing violin passages to nothing but the elaborate embroidery of little notes which in Chopin's music are spangled in tiny type all round the subject, which is in large type. He had the fine large style of the De Beriot school, combined with a dash of the brilliant and romantic Paganini and the most exquisite taste of his own."