Orto, Giovanni


Flemish contrapuntist, living during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, and a contemporary of Josquin. Petrucci in his Odhecaton, 1500 to 1503, published eleven chansons and an Ave Maria for four voices by Orto, and one of his Lamentations m the Lamentationium Jeremae. besides a separate book of Orto s masses. In Fragments of Masses is the Kyrie of a mass by Orto. Some of his masses are in manuscript at the Papal Chapel Library at Rome; the masses, Le Serviteur, and Mi-Mi, which contain a wonderful Agnus; songs; and motets are in the library at Vienna, The Agnus and the Ave Maria are found in modern score in the Beilagen to Ambros' Geschichte der Musik. He sang in the Papal Chapel at Rome from 1484 to 1494, and from 1505 to 1516 was first chaplain and singer in the service of Philip the Fair of Burgundy.