Nottebohm, Martin Gustav



Celebrated author, composer and teacher; born in Westphalia in 1817 and died at Gratz in 1882. His most important literary works are Ein Skizzenbach yon Beethoven; Thematisches Verzeichniss der im Druckerschienenen Werke von Beethoven; Beethoveniana; Beethoven's Studien, Neue Beethoveniana; Mozartiana; Thematisches Verzeichniss der in Druck erschienenen Werke Franz Schuberts. These works show great depth of reasoning and trustworthiness of form, and so are of highest value to the student. Nottebohm studied piano and composition with Dehn and Berger, and in 1847 counterpoint with Sechter. He was associated in Leipsic in 1840 with Schumann, and with Mendelssohn, who secured his release from the army, in which he was serving as a volunteer, and so assisted him in his career as a musician and writer. He settled in Vienna in 1847, and became a successful teacher of piano and composition. His compositions include quartets, trios and solos for piano, and variations on a theme by Bach.